The shop offered sound advice on how to proceed with my car repairs, referred me to an affiliated shop that could do the work for less money, and provided me with a ride to and from my home so I wouldn't miss any time at work (I'm self-employed and work from home). Customer care was always a top priority.

5 Fuller Automotive 6/21/2017

Great service and quick!

5 Fuller Automotive 6/13/2017

always excellent

5 Fuller Automotive 6/10/2017

just want to give everyone a big thank you at Fuller Automotive in Auburn. They went over my engine top to bottom, radiator flush and fill, changed the cabin air filter, the oil, and its never been cleaner inside. I am ready for the impending heat wave. Don't wait till your over heating on the side of the road. Goto Fullers and have them get you ready for the summer heat to keep you cool!!!!!!

4.5 Fuller Automotive 6/8/2017

Dave was very knowledgeable and accommodating.

4 Fuller Automotive 6/2/2017

Always friendly! Excellent service! A++

5 Fuller Automotive 6/2/2017

knew there was something going on with my car and was shocked at what was stuck into the tire. Unfortunately I ended up having to buy two new tires so they were a match. The service as always was excellent. Every time I have a problem they are Johnny on the spot. Thanks, Laura

4.5 Fuller Automotive 6/1/2017

I went in for an inspection sticker and it was done very quickly and efficiently. And they noticed that a valve stem cap was missing and supplied one.

5 Fuller Automotive 5/26/2017

I needed four new tires, and the team at Fuller Automotive was very helpful in helping me pick the best tire for my situation. I wanted to good tire, that will last (I put about 20k on my car a year), but wouldn't break the bank. They presented a few options, along with their recommendation, and allowed me to make the choice. Brought my car in for the tires, and they offered to drive me home if needed, as it would take a few hours. I brought my laptop, and set up shop there (they even offered me one of their unused offices if I wanted). I was able to stay productive while my car was fixed. The job was done within a few hours and I was on my way. The whole crew at Fuller Automotive is always professional, personable, and will try to go the extra mile. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a full service, honest mechanic that will give you the small town shop feel with capabilities far greater.

5 Fuller Automotive 5/24/2017

Excellent customer service from Chalse. Dave also set up a rental car for me---thank you. Chalse called me mid morning to appraise me of diagnosis, accepted my response, and had the work completed on my car. My car was ready by mid afternoon. Well done, and good work and communication.

5 Fuller Automotive 5/23/2017