Dave and Chelsae were very professional and courteous. Work was done in a timely manner. Exceeded expectations. Will always go back for my auto repairs.

5 Fuller Automotive 3/25/2017

Brought my vehicle in to get a noise checked. They discovered a broken sway bar on the right rear side. Dave ordered the parts on Monday afternoon and I scheduled an appointment for 8am Tuesday. I told Dave I had to be at work for 9:45am Tuesday and he said he would get my vehicle right in first thing Tuesday morning and it would be ready in an hour. My vehicles repair was completed within an hour and I had plenty of time to get to work on time. Fullers IS the place to go. I highly recommend Every aspect of service that they offer. Their operation is top notch and the staff is awesome!!

5 Fuller Automotive 3/21/2017

They where great. My wife had a screw in her tire. So I wanted to bring in for a patch. They explained I could drop off the vehicle and would fix first thing in the morning. She also needed her brakes done, and they where able to accommodate that as well in the same time frame. Chelsea was excellent in explaining what I needed and we were able to pick up the vehicle by the time my wife need to go to work later that day. I would highly recommend them to any. Fair, Fast and Friendly!

5 Fuller Automotive 3/21/2017

Fuller's was able to accommodate me at the last minute for an inspection. Chelsea worked really hard to fit me into the schedule. They are very helpful whenever I need work. Great service!

5 Fuller Automotive 3/18/2017

I'd like to thank Dave and all who helped me this past week for fixing my 2012 Juke. Thank you for the use of one of their car so I could leave my Juke for repair. Each time I've been there for service they have given me top notch service and I plan on returning for service in the future. I also have spread the word to all my friends on their service.. Thank you so very much, Laura E. Gosselin

4.5 Fuller Automotive 3/18/2017

Speedy service and very accommodating. The staff was polite and considerate of my situation. It's usually never a good situation when you are stranded 400 miles away from home but they made it as pleasant a situation as possible.

4 Fuller Automotive 3/16/2017

I recently needed to purchase a car due to my 2003 car with 250,000 miles going belly up. I purchased a 2011 Buick Regal from Fuller Auto Sales within a few days and I could not be happier. My sales person was Tonia and she was so helpful. I started the process late Monday and by Wednesday I was driving away in my car. I am so grateful that they made it so easy for me, I did not look forward to having to buy a new car when my car of 10 years kicked the bucket. Thank you Tonia and also Mark for your help also.

5 Fuller Automotive 3/15/2017

First class operation from beginning to end. A great team, auburn is lucky to have a place like Fullers.

5 Fuller Automotive 3/14/2017

I had an unexpected issue with my car on the way to work last week. Even though I did not have an appointment Al was kind enough to run a scan on my car to find out what the problem was. I was given a ride to work and my car was diagnosed and fixed within the same day, and it even came in under the quoted estimate. My husband and I have been going to Fuller for several years now just for oil changes and other auto maintenance, this is our first major repair. I/we are very happy with the service I received. We highly recommend Fuller Automotive.

5 Fuller Automotive 3/14/2017

Fast, and professional. Totally happy with the work.

5 Fuller Automotive 3/11/2017