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Check Engine Light Diagnostics In Auburn, MA

One of the most frustrating things for a vehicle owner is seeing a lit check engine light on their dashboard. When this light comes on, it signifies that there is an engine, emissions, fuel system, or even a transmission-related issue where it is no longer operating within its specific design parameters. If the Check Engine Light is flashing, the vehicle should not be driven. If the light is illuminated it will also fail the Massachusetts State Inspection and receive a black “R” instead of a passing.

Emission Certified Repair Center & ASE Certified Mechanics

A lot has changed since 1914 when Willis transitioned from working on horse drawn carriages to the automobile, but our family-owned and operated shop has the required expertise to still handle all your “horsepower” related needs. You can trust that our State Certified Emission technician and our ASE technicians will have no problem finding the cause of your check engine light. With our wide range of experience, consistent training, and our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we will locate the issue, explain the options and provide an estimate for the repairs needed so that you can be back on the road again.

Our Approach To Diagnostics

Contrary to what most believe, there is not really an all-knowing computer that you simply “hook up” to the vehicle and it determines what needs to be repaired. The OBDII (On Board Diagnostic 2) link connects to a series of electronic modules that power and monitor the many systems of the vehicle. A diagnostic scan tool can retrieve a code or number of codes that signal interruptions of electrical values. These values are sequenced or “coded” to individual systems. While there are many “codes” that can routinely result in certain repairs, the code does not determine the fix. These values need to be understood in both cause and effect and a professionally trained technician knows both how and what to test without just replacing parts. Many consumers have developed a fear of paying for diagnostic time because they feel it is not a proactive approach to their problem, but neither is replacing unnecessary parts. However, the problem is that a vehicle not operating correctly when the light is on, and that is a concern for the customer and the shop they chose to fix the vehicle as efficiently and accurately as possible. When it comes to diagnosing, we recognize that it is not a one size fits all, so we offer both “Minor” and “Major” Diagnostic Services that are relative to the anticipated time needed to test the system for an accurate repair. In the event of multiple system faults, more time or tests may be necessary and that would be discussed with the customer ahead of time. When it comes to time/labor, or parts- you will never spend money that you do not authorize first.

Top 5 Reasons For Check Engine Light On

  1. Faulty Mass Airflow or Oxygen Sensor
  2. Cylinder Misfires
  3. Variable Valve Timing
  4. Inefficient Catalytic Converter
  5. Evaporative System Management Fault


As soon as you see the check engine light illuminated, we invite you to bring your car to our professional auto repair shop located at 505 Washington St. In Auburn, MA. Our team genuinely cares about you and your vehicle’s safety because you drive our reputation. We only make service recommendations that are necessary for the proper and efficient operation of your vehicle.

Don't Ignore A Check Engine Light

Ignoring your check engine light can lead to extensive damage, so we encourage you to bring your vehicle in for an inspection and diagnostic scan as soon as possible. If you are looking for honest check engine light diagnostics and repairs in Auburn, MA, look no further than Fuller Automotive. Please give us a call or visit soon!

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