Auto Electrical Repair & Service in Auburn, MA

The modern vehicle is heavily reliant on its electrical system. If there is a problem with your battery, alternator, starter, or other electrical accessories, it can make your driving experience miserable and even leave you stranded. Whether you need a part tested or replaced, there’s no better choice than Fuller Automotive.

Our auto electrical service shop has been the top choice for auto maintenance and repair in Auburn, MA, since 1914. We have state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to properly test, diagnose, and repair your electrical components. Furthermore, our ASE-certified technicians are experienced and passionate about rebooting electrical systems. Our AAA-approved auto shop strives to deliver the best customer experience for our customers.

Automotive Electrical Services We Offer

Battery Replacement

Your car battery is necessary to supply power to the starter and ignition system. It holds the charge necessary to turn your lights, radio, and other accessories on. Over time, a battery can weaken, corrode, or leak acid. If you’ve noticed a slow engine crank or had to grab the jumper cables a little too often, it is time to have your battery tested (and most likely replaced).

Starter Replacement

The starter plays a larger role in your vehicle's ignition system – it cranks the engine to boot up. If you’ve experienced delayed cranking or grinding noise, you should have this component checked.

Alternator Repair / Replacement

The alternator doesn’t get enough credit, but it is in charge of recharging your car battery and supporting your electronic accessories. Some signs that indicate your alternator is the problem include: dim headlights, whining sounds, dim headlights, and malfunctioning accessories (A/C, windshield wipers, power windows, etc.) Your car may start with a failing alternator, but it won’t run for long.

Schedule An Electrical Service

If you suspect you have an electrical problem, please don’t delay its repairs. Our team of professionals can properly assess the situation and make the necessary corrections to have your electrical components up and running again. 

We welcome you to bring your car to the experts at Fuller Automotive in Auburn, MA. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment today.

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