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Tire Sales & Service in Auburn, MA

Fuller Automotive is the best choice for quality tire replacements and maintenance. A good set of tires are essential for proper vehicle handling, and we have a ton of options to choose from at our tire service shop. Let our professionals help you find the perfect tires for you and your vehicle’s needs.

Tire Sales & Installation

Choosing a new set of tires requires knowledge and expertise. Tires come in various brands, sizes, and patterns, so it can be a little intimidating. We strive to make the tire shopping and installation process as easy as possible for our customers. We’ll gladly mount and install your new tires using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Tire Maintenance

Once you have fresh new tires installed, you’re going to have to keep them in good shape with tire maintenance. There are several services that you’ll need to do in order to correct and extend the life of your tires:

Tire Balancing - This service balances the weight distribution of your tires so that you can achieve a smoothe ride and even wear.  If your vehicle starts to "shimmy", you may need to have the balance checked and re-performed.

Tire Alignment - Over time, your wheels may go out of alignment from overcoming the forces that driving causes.  Having the vehicle Aligned will ensure that the vehicle not only drives and tracks straight, but the tire life is maximized as well.  If you suspect you have this problem, please bring your car to Fuller Automotive soon.

Tire Rotation - Rotating your tires at every oil change or every other, ensures that each tire wears down evenly so that you can get the most wear out of them and save money in the long run.

Tire Pressure Check/TPMS Repair - Regular pressure checks are key to prolonging your tires. Your pressure can shift due to changing temperatures.  In New England the atmosphere can account for 1 psi every 10 degrees of temperature difference.  A 30 degree temp difference can change your tire pressure by 3 psi and that is 10%, enough to often illuminate this warning.  If your tires have lost a significant amount of air, it could even trigger the sensors in the TPMS. You are welcome to come by our shop for assistance when you catch this warning on your dashboard.

Schedule Tire Service

Our family-owned and operated shop has a wide range of tires and tire services. We are the best choice for honest and fair-priced services in Auburn, MA.  Let the tire specialists at Fuller Automotive take care of your tire needs today!

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