No Appointment Needed for Our PitStop Oil Change service

Monday Through Friday, From 8am -­ 5pm.

Our Pitstop Oil Change service includes replacing the oil & filter, lubricating the chasisperforming a visual inspection of the lights, wiper blades, tires, battery, belts, hoses, exhaust, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission & differential oil, air filter, and the cabin air filter. 

We also vacuum the interior, wash the front and rear windows and top off the washer fluid.

Good-Valvoline Conventional or Synthetic Blend Oil & Filter (up to 5 quarts) $43.99

 Better- Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil & Filter (up to 5 quarts) $59.99

                           Best- Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil & Filter (up to 5 quarts) $79.99

               Ultimate-Valvoline Specialty Synthetic Oil & Filter (up to 5 quarts) $99.99

*prices are as of 8/31/22 and subject to change without notice


We now digitally document your vehicles service inspection to professionally present to you the current condition not only for today, but also as a reference point for tomorrow. 

Please follow the manufacture's indicators and recommendation for your vehicle oil change intervals, as the window sticker we provide is just a service reminder.

 Many of todays modern engines require synthetic and synthetic blended oils in order to meet the high demands of more "efficient" power with less emissions.  Regardless of the engineering designed to achieve this, the oil & THE FILTER (everybody forgets about the filter) better be up to the task!  We use the high quality oil and filter products from Valvoline. 

Did you know? It was 48 years before even the Fuller family's first generation began servicing the automobile in 1914, when Dr. John Ellis founded the "original engine oil" and Valvoline was born in 1866. 

Some of the additional services that we offer are:​

  • Air Conditioning (appointment recommended) 
  • Tire Services- AAA & NHSTA approved style internal tire repair, Rotation, Mounting, Balancing, Road Force Balancing
  • Valvoline Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic & Specialty Synthetic Oil & Filter Changes
  • Bulb & Headlight Replacement
  • All Season Performance Single Beam Wiper Blades 
  • Factory Recommended Maintenance Packages 
  • Valvoline Fuel Injection Tune-Up 
  • Valvoline Transmission Service
  • Valvoline Coolant Service
  • Valvoline Power Steering Service
  • Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • CVT Fluid Exchange
  • 4x4 Differential Service
  • Interstate Battery Replacement & National Warranty
  • Brake Service
  • Replacement of Belts and Hoses
  • Diagnostic Module Scanning
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