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How Do Valves Work in an Engine

How Do Valves Work in an Engine

The heart of any vehicle engine lies in its internal combustion process, and at the core of this are the valves. Often overlooked but essential to engine performance, valves play a crucial role in controlling the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chambers and expelling exhaust gasses. If you want to learn about these simple, yet important components, make sure to join us in this article and we will go over everything you need to know! Intake and Exhaust Valves  There are two main types of valves - the intake and the exhaust. Intake valves are responsible for allowing the mixture of air and fuel to enter the engine's combustion chambers. When the engine's piston moves down on its intake stroke, a vacuum is created within the cylinder. The intake valve opens at precisely the right time, allowing the air-fuel mixture to be drawn in from the intake manifold. The timing and duration of the valve opening are meticulously controlled by the engine's c ... read more

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