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What Is Making My Brake Lights on My Car Go Out

What Is Making My Brake Lights on My Car Go Out

Driving without brake lights is not just a bad idea - it's a safety hazard! Brake lights are your vehicle's way of communicating with other drivers on the road. They signal your intentions and help prevent accidents. So, what happens when these crucial lights decide to go MIA? 1. Burned-Out Bulbs: One of the most common reasons for brake light failure is simply a burned-out bulb. These bulbs have a limited lifespan, and when they reach the end of their journey, they go dark. Solution: Replacing the bulb is relatively straightforward. Refer to your vehicle's manual to locate and access the brake light bulb. Ensure you choose the correct replacement bulb, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to install it. 2. Faulty Brake Light Switch: The brake light switch, located near the brake pedal, is responsible for activating the brake lights when you press the brake pedal. Solution: If your b ... read more

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