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I'm new to central Massachusetts so when I got into an accident, I had no idea what body shop to bring my car. My insurance company is Liberty Mutual and their nearest authorized shop was Fuller Auto Body.In doing online research I seemed to have two options: Fuller or nearby Honda dealership's (Lundgren) shop. The Honda shop (which seemed to be a safe bet) got terrible ratings online so I gave Fuller a shot. I must tell you that my car, that got badly rear-ended, looks like new again. WOW - Fuller did an amazing job!Each interaction with them- in person and on the phone- was exceptional. They are very professional and really care about the customer and the work. My only negative was that they didn't update me in the 1st week on the car's status but they politely acknowledged that they should have called. They then kept me completely up to date after that.I was really worried as my rear door was crunched in and the exhaust system was pushed forward - leaking exhaust and twisted. The spare tire well in the back was completely crumpled. Now it looks like it came from the Honda factory new. I'm very particular and I can't see any shortcuts here. The car was ready for me in about 2 weeks time and it was washed and clean inside. They have an Enterprise car rental to make things super easy for you while it's being worked on. I give Fuller an "A".

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