How Does The Cooling System Work

First of all, let's start with a simple explanation of what the cooling system does. As the name implies, its main job is to cool and keep parts from overheating. The parts we are talking about are all of the moving components in an engine - from the cylinders to the block itself. This is done by the constant circulation of a coolant liquid through a closed loop. We will take a look at the main components of a cooling system and what they exactly do, down below.

Engine Block

The first component in the system is the engine block itself. It has holes and crevasses all throughout, so the coolant liquid can flow freely. It's, of course, made out of metal for further heat dissipation.

Coolant And Pipes

Running through all the components is a liquid because it's the best way to collect heat and deliver it to the cooling unit (radiator). Most of the time, the coolant is just filtered water and a small amount of antifreeze. Between all the parts of the loop, there are pipes connecting everything. 

Radiator And Fans

The thing that cools the liquid and sends it back into the loop is the radiator. It is made out of thin metal and does a great job of cooling liquid because of its construction. Assisting it are fans that blow cold air from the outside. Both of them are usually located in the front of the vehicle and can be seen through the grills.


The heater does specifically cool anything. Its job is to provide the A/C system with heat when it needs it. This is done by capturing heat from the loop and dissipating it in the air with the help of fans.

Water Pump

The last, but certainly not the least important, is the pump. As you may guess, its job is to pump all of the liquid throughout the system. Sometimes it is powered by an auxiliary belt, hooked up to the engine, or it can be completely separate, depending on the make and model.

Cooling System Repairs At Fuller Automotive!

If your cooling system is in need of some emergency repairs or your coolant is low, make sure to stop by our shop. Our team will make quick work of any car-related problem and get you back on the road.

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