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How To Easily Check Tire Tread

If you want to know how to measure tire tread wear and depth in the easiest way possible, you are in the right place. Below, we'll give you three easy ways of checking tire tread and a couple of reasons why it's important.

Tread Wear Indicator On Tire

Almost all tires have a wear indicator molded into them, which can be used to quickly identify their condition. They are located at the end of the tire prints. When a tire is fresh, there is a visible difference between the indicator and the treads. But if both are flush, it means the tire should be changed. 

Penny Test

Another way of measuring the wear is by using coins. First, we will take a look at how it's done by using a penny. Insert the penny in the groove with Lincoln's head first and toward you. If his head is covered, that's good news because there is enough space for the coin to go in. But if you can see more than 90%, you are due for tire replacement.

Quarter Test

The other way to test this is by using a quarter. Insert it the same way you would with the penny test. This time, look for Washington's head, and if it can be seen, at least 4/32 inches of tread are remaining.

Why Is Proper Tire Tread Depth Important?

Tires are an important part of vehicles and the driver's ability to steer and navigate them properly. On the other hand, a tire without a pattern, or treads, is useless - it cannot grip the road, resulting in no friction or control. Different tread patterns result in their uses being varied as well. Some are good in snow and some in dirt or mud, but all depend on proper tread depth to function as intended.

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