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What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

While shocks and struts are not expensive to replace, most drivers often ignore them, and the safety implications of this decision are often life-threatening. For instance, driving a car with worn shock and struts required an extended braking distance. The risk becomes evident on slippery and wet roads.

The Purpose of Shocks and Struts in Vehicle

The vehicle's shocks and struts are among the most essential parts that guarantee a smooth ride. Mostly, when you buy a new car, you may never feel bumps on the road until your vehicle gets old, thanks to the functioning shocks and struts.

Their main function in a car is to stabilize your vehicle on uneven road surfaces. They also enhance your car movements when you either turn, accelerate, or brake your vehicle. Some cars use Shocks only while others have shocks and struts. The difference is that a shock is an independent component, while the strut is a single structural unit that combines the shock with other features to enhance the stability and control of your car.

Common Indicators of Worn Shocks and Struts

The lifespan of your Shocks and struts depends on factors such as the frequency you drive on rough roads or the size of load you carry while traveling. Heavy loads and unpaved roads reduce the lifespan of your shocks and struts. However, the following symptoms show that it is time for replacement:

  • A car bounces, especially when you brake or hit bumps on the road. This scenario is the most common sign that you should visit a mechanic to check your vehicle.
  • A vehicle that feels unstable on the highways, especially when you are speeding
  • Visit a mechanic if you notice that the vehicle's front-end dives unusually when you hard brake
  • Have your car checked if the rear-end squats when you accelerate
  • Your car’s tire wear unusually to indicate that the shocks and struts require an expert's attention
  • Unusual sounds from the suspension system mean that the shocks should be changed immediately
  • Your struts and shocks have a problem in you notice a hydraulic fluid leak on their exterior

Suspension Repair in Auburn, MA

Shocks and struts remain essential for your car's suspension system. Although the lifespan of your Shocks and struts depends on factors, watch out for the above symptoms. If you need them replaced by an expert, do not hesitate to visit us at Fuller Automotive in Auburn, MA today!

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