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What Is a Catalytic Converter?

When it comes to today's automobiles, the catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of the exhaust system. The cat is responsible for converting harmful engine byproducts and fumes into safer gases. If it is not working properly, you can probably imagine how bad things can get.

Your exhaust system will divert the fumes from your engine through a series of pipes that eventually make their way through the catalytic converter. After the toxic gases change to safer, breathable ones, it then gets spewed out of the exhaust pipe in the back of every vehicle. If there are any leaks in the vehicle's pipes or other exhaust parts (exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, or muffler), you can face harmful consequences. It will impact your vehicle's emissions and overall performance. In severe cases, carbon monoxide could get into the passenger cabin.

Signs of a Faulty Catalytic Converter

A few common signs may tell whether you have a catalytic converter (or another exhaust system) issue. Here's what you should look out for:

   1. Engine misfiring or the vehicle won't start.

   2. Lowered fuel economy.

   3. Unusual smells. A bad catalytic converter may have a rotten egg smell.

   4. Failed emissions test.

   5. Check engine light lit on the dashboard.

   6. Vehicle experiences difficulty accelerating.

Catalytic Converter and Exhaust System Repairs in Auburn, MA

Fuller Automotive has your back when it comes to your catalytic converter repairs or any other auto services. Our technicians can perform the necessary assessment to get to the core of the problem, and we will make the best recommendations for you. If your vehicle displays any of the warning symptoms above, please call us at (508) 917-6284 or visit our auto shop in Auburn, MA.

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